Domain Deletion, Renewals and Restoration Policies. (Registrar)

Registrar complies with the following regarding domain renewals and deletion:

  • Registrar will send a first mandatory notice approximately a month before domain expiration and a second mandatory notice approximately a week before domain expiration.

  • Registrar will send ONE notice within 5 days of expiry containing instructions on how to renew the domain.

  • Registrar will delete registrations between 30 and 40 days after the expiry.

  • If Registrar parks the expired domain or points it to a specific website, then the respective webpage will display a notification mentioning the domain has expired. This page will also contain instructions/steps for renewing the domain.

Registrar complies with the following regarding deleted domains:

  • If the registry is offering Redemption grace period for the respective TLD, then Registrar will offer it to the Registrant.

  • Information on how to apply to the Redemption grace period will be available at the website.

In order to apply to the Redemption grace period, registrant must contact Registrar´s support channels that will promptly instruct on how to perform redeem the domain name. Pricing about domain redemption may be found in the pricing section available at the site´s homepage.